by on   Monday, September 12th, 2016

MARUP an initiative of Spastic Society of Manipur , is a network of non disabled persons who volunteer to be friends of the disabled persons in the community and contribute some time and energy whenever possible to be with them, entertain them, share experiences with them, aid them in activities of daily living ,livelihoods, advocate and provide non formal educational activities and physical support to the disabled persons and the family members in whatever capacity they can voluntarily without desire of personal financial gains

Moto: Get involved ,share few moments with us

Vision: No disabled person is left alone and neglected in the society

Mission: To create a network of friends all over the State to achieve inclusion and community participation of persons with disabilities.

Philosophy : Many people with disabilities continue to lack connections beyond their relationships with their families and other people in the human service settings they attend. This reflects a history of discrimination against people with disabilities which is expressed in multiple barriers to social integration.
To truly integrate them in the society they need to have a good, diverse social networks with positive involvement of non disabled persons in all aspects of life.
We have to provide them with opportunities to make friends and enemies, enjoy good times, offer and receive consolation, make the best of their talents, and find meaning in the company of those among whom they are placed.
Through MARUP we want to create awakening in the society that they also have duties and responsibilities towards their fellow men who are less fortunate and together we can help them live a life of dignity and happiness.

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