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Under this project early intervention of hearing impaired children is also undertaken for better development of speech and language skills in these children.

In order to achieve our goals, following services are provided by the centre
1.    Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
2.    Speech and language therapy
3.    Audiological evaluation and hearing aid fitting
4.    Fitting of Aids and Appliances
5.    Special and Remedial Education
6.    Parent counseling
7.    Psychological evaluation and intervention
8.    Sensory integration and stimulation
9.    Training Progammes
10.    Mobile early intervention cum CBR programmes

serv1 Early intervention for hearing impaired is undertaken by team of Audiologist, speech and language therapist and special educator and of course the parents with early identification, hearing aid fitting, ear mould fitting, auditory training, speech and language intervention, speech reading, special education as the prime activities. The team is using a total communication approach in which not only speech but also signs and gestures  are taught to the child but oral communication given prime focus.

ser3Early intervention group of Down’s syndrome children where the group is provided training in school readiness, speech and language development and conceptual development and then integrated in the general school.

Over the years the centre has progressed in leaps and bounds with their effort in sensitization and implementation of various disability issues in convergence with various stakeholder agencies and departments of the state and national bodies

serv5The centre was also functioning as state resource centre for locomotor  disabilities under NPRPD  as a result of which the centre also caters to other locomotor disabilities such as muscular dystrophy, spinabifida, amputations , poliomyelitis etc. The centre has imparted training to grassroot level workers , anganwadi workers regarding identification and referral of various disabilities .Pamplets on identification of locomotor disabilities, cerebral palsy, How to handle C.P children  and  Identification of various disabilities and PWD Act 1995 is translated and distributed  in regional language. At present we are the State Resource Centre for Hearing Impairment.

ser7The centre has over the years formed strong association with the Dept. of Social Welfare, Govt of Manipur and have organized many events , outreach camps, disability day celebrations , workshops and training programmes for the state. Free diagnostic camp at Govt. Deaf and Mute school, Takyel  and  refresher course for the teachers of the Govt. school of Deaf and Mute was organized in association with Social welfare department, Manipur  to train the teachers in latest educational techniques and new advances made in the field of hearing impairment. The agency has organized assessment camps, aids distribution camps, celebration of disability days etc with the Department.

ser9The centre associates closely with  Indian Council for Agricultural Research, ICAR ,Imphal where  persons with disabilities and their family members are given training in food processing, income generation activities , food and nutrition etc.

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