Program structure

 PASSING MINIMUM: Minimum 50% marks are essential in all courses for passing in the programme (Grace Marks as per University norms).

  • Date of issue of the prospectus cum application form : 21st  August  2020
  • Last date of submission of complete application form: 15th October 2020
ATHEORY: Core courses 520
BTHEORY: Cross Disability & Inclusion Education Course (including optional courses)612
CTHEORY :Disability Specialisation Courses (Hearing impairment)518
DTHEORY :Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC)/ Professional Development Courses306
EPractical related to disability212
FField Engagement /school internship312


CourseCourse title   CreditsWeightage / Marks
A1Human Growth &  Development4100
A2Contemporary India and Education4100
B7Introduction to Sensory Disabilities (VI, HI, Deaf-blind)250
B8Introduction to Neuro Developmental Disabilities (LD, ID/ MR, ASD)250
B9Introduction to Locomotor & Multiple Disabilities (Deaf- Blind, CP, MD)250
C12Assessment and Identification of Needs4100
E1Practical: Cross Disability and Inclusion250


CourseCourse titleCreditsWeightage / Marks
A3Learning, Teaching and Assessment4100
A4Pedagogy of School Subjects (ANY ONE from Part I to Part V)4100
A5Pedagogy of School Subjects (ANY ONE from Part I to Part V)4100
B6Inclusive Education250
C13Curriculum Designing, Adaptation and Evaluation4100
E2Practical: Disability specialization250


CourseCourse titleCreditsWeightage/Marks
C14Educational Intervention and Teaching  Strategies4100
C15Technology and Disability4100
C16Psycho Social and Family Issues250
E2Practical: Disability Specialization4100
F1Main disability special school (Related to Area C)4100
D17Reading and Reflecting on Texts (EPC)250
D18Drama and Art in Education (EPC)250
 TOTAL     22550


CourseCourse titleCreditsWeightage/Marks
B10Skill based Optional Course (Cross disability and inclusion) ANY ONE250
B11Skill based Optional Course (specialization disability) ANY ONE250
D19Basic Research & Basic Statistic    (EPC)250
E1Practical: Cross Disability and      Inclusion4100
F2Other disability special school4100
F3Inclusive school4100